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All documents which relate to the design, production, installation and servicing of signs produced and / or installed by Lovett Signs. Master lists of controlled documents are used for specifications and drawings, with only the most recent issue being available for use within the manufacturing and installation processes.

File copies of obsolete drawings are maintained for servicing requirements only. These files are marked accordingly and controlled. The Customer Service or Account Representative responsible for a customer signed contract is responsible for setting up the production and installation work order file. These files require copies of the most recent drawings and/or specifications pertinent to the product being produced.

In all cases, graphics drawing requires customer sign-off prior to processing the file. In selected cases, where the customer has and established quality specification, we will develop drawings and operating instructions which satisfy the customer specification. These will be submitted to the customer representative for sign-off prior to the initiation of production. Where a revision is issued, subsequent purchase orders should ideally reference the current revision level. Drawings are issued to production only via the production work order file. They are issued for a single use and are subsequently files with the completed work order documentation.

The Engineering Department is responsible for the creation of both graphic and structural drawings. All drawings show a revision level and the reason for each revision. The Engineering Department is also responsible for the creation and maintenance of the Master List of Controlled Documents.