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Because obtaining Sign Permits can be an obstacle to the timely execution of a sign project, Lovett Signs uses Permit Specialists whose exclusive function is to process and follow up on permit applications. Due to our specialization in the sign business, most clients will ask us to process permit applications. It is the responsibility of the permit specialist to be aware of all municipal and/or Provincial regulatory restrictions affecting a sign proposal in a given municipality.

As soon as a site check is made available, the permit specialist reviews the file to determine what if any permits may be required for the site. Direct contact is established with the municipal and/ or Provincial authorities to clarify requirements and to initiate the application process. In jurisdictions where a personal presentation is required, one of our approved partner-organizations may present the application on our behalf.

All permit applications are recorded in our Sign permit management system to date of application. All applications are listed showing the date when documentation was submitted and the date when the approval is anticipated. Any additional permit requirements and variances are also managed within this system. This electronic file is available to the authorized customer personnel and associates upon request.