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All of the signs manufactured by Lovett Signs Inc. are guaranteed to be free of defects in workmanship and structural components. The sign will remain structurally sound for the duration of the selected warranty, to the original owner for a period of (selected) 15yr/10yr/5yrs.

*Standard warranty is 5 years.
*Selected extended warranties will be reflected on the purchasing agreement.

Lovett Signs Inc. will repair or replace defective part(s) in a timely manner at no charge for the materials to the original owner under the manufacturers warranty on the following components. Note Lovett Signs will warranty free of labour other manufacturers components for a period of 90 days, thereafter labour will be incurred at that local provincial or state rate.

5 years on LED’s
5 years on power supplies.
2 year on Electrical Components.1 year on Lamps.
7-9 years on vinyl graphics (project specific-digital outdoor 5 year warranty)

Reporting Requirements
To secure repairs or replacement of faces or components under the terms of this warranty, Lovett Signs Inc. must be notified within 10 days of damage or failure. Photographs or inspection by an authorized agent of Lovett Signs Inc. may be required. Inspection or alteration to signs by any persons other than an authorized agent of Lovett Signs will void all warranties.

Purchaser’s Responsibility
Failure to adhere to terms on the purchasing agreement will void all warranties.

Additional Warranties
Any additional warranties which may be provided by the component suppliers are passed on the buyer F.O.B. to Lovett Signs Inc. plant and do not include conversion, labor or installation.

Warranty Does Not Cover
Events of misuse, negligence or destruction, willful or otherwise, or alteration in any way without prior authorization from Lovett Signs Inc.